A unique health care centre in Tallinn

The Individualised Medicine Centre is a new and unique centre that values your time and takes care of your health. The centre offers emergency services, health counselling based on individual habits, the environment and amnestic information. The IMC is intended for people who urgently need assistance in improving their mental and/or physical condition.

What is Individualised Medicine?

Medicine is usually generalised. This means that a person is approached based on the ailment’s characteristics, putting minimal emphasis on the person’s individual characteristics, behavioural habits and genetic profile. A person’s health consists minimally of three dimensions, whereas individualised medicine takes into consideration everything related to well-being.

Counselling department

The counselling department treats the patient’s mental and/or physical condition taking into consideration factors that influence it, providing psychological and health counselling, trainings and light therapy. The services are intended for people for whom satisfaction with their health is important and who may need to deal with it.

Urgent care unit

Every one of us is subject to an unexpected trauma, injury or health defect which might not be life threatening but causes discomfort and requires urgent attention. The aim of the IMC’s urgent care unit is to restore the patient’s normal feeling of well-being comfortably and quickly.

Services are offered against payment.

Ph: 604 9009

Urgent care unit opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 08:00-20:00

Pärnu mnt 67A, B-block, 3rd floor, Tallinn


Nutritional and training consultations with Egle Eller-Nabi

Coach and health consultant Egle Eller-Nabi has joined our team.

About the consultation centre…

What services does the consultation department at the CIM provide?
light therapy

Can light make you happier?

Light therapy impacts brain chemistry by reducing fatigue and stress.

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