• Aftercare clinic where the patient is well taken care of

    Christinas Clinic – Centre of Individual Medicine

Who is the aftercare clinic for?

You are welcome to the aftercare clinic if you need a caring hand after a surgery and help with daily activities.

Contact us when:

  • you need peaceful recovery from a surgery or an injury
  • you need specific post-op rehabilitation
  • you need hospital treatment to manage a chronic illness
  • you request supportive medical staff to cope with other symptoms

What is individual treatment?

Today’s national hospital care is aimed at emergency care and scheduled day care. However, there are times when we, or our loved ones, need professional care before getting home. Personal medicine is a service where all patients who require care and support can get help. Here, the patient is treated as an individual whose concerns and needs are different but always important.
It is important to us that the patients and their families always feel cared for.

Aftercare services

We carry out the necessary examinations and treatment procedures and help to follow a healthy lifestyle. Our services include:

  • preparation of a treatment plan for post-op rehabilitation
  • movement therapy, treatment procedures, wound therapy, oxygen therapy, pain therapy
  • laboratory studies
  • measurement, assessment and monitoring of vital health indicators
  • nutrition monitoring
  • psychiatrist’s and clinical psychology aid
  • first aid

Price list

Bed in one person room* 135€
Bed in two people room* 115€
Bed in tree people intensive care room* 195€

* Includes all healthcare services (including doctor’s appointments) and use of devices.

A supportive environment where the recovery is faster

The aftercare clinic differs from others in its cozy and patient-oriented comfortable environment. All rooms are always clean and warm. Each patient has their own refrigerator and TV, and all rooms have high-speed WIFI. We offer delicious and nutritious meals every day.
The clinic also has three beds for patients in more serious conditions, which are equipped with high-tech mattresses and monitors.
The nursing hospital service is at the same level of excellence as at the Christinas Clinic surgical hospital, where we have been providing our patients with the best level of healthcare for 31 years.

Personnel who work with their heart

Our doctors and assistant doctors delve deeply into the needs of the patients and instruct the entire personnel to take good care of the patients. The doctors always consult with the patients and their relatives and are understanding of their wishes.
Our clinical nurses and carers provide 24/7 support and treatment. Among others, a social worker, a physiotherapist, a consulting psychiatrist, and a clinical psychologist deal with patients as needed.
All employees are licensed and specialize in aftercare, nursing, and rehabilitation.

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