Urgent care

The Christinas Clinic’s urgent care unit during opening hours has experienced attendant medical personnel available who will receive you without prior appointment approaching all problems thoroughly, providing aid and monitoring until the patient’s condition improves. The department is equipped with first level diagnostic’s possibilities. The IMC’s urgent care unit serves patients who are not in life-threatening conditions, but require fast medical assistance, patients who require day surgery after light traumas and people with poor well-being which is not caused by a concrete illness but from environmental behaviour.

When should one turn to our urgent care unit?

  • When feeling poor and the cause is unknown
  • When feeling poor due to one’s own lack of knowledge about healthy behaviour.
  • When having problems, which would mean waiting for many hours in ER according to one’s health situation
  • In case of unexpected non life-threatening health problems, which do not merit a trip to ER, but cause discomfort and need urgent care
  • When in need of wound healing or aftercare as a child or an adult (stitching and gluing wounds, repeated wound healing, caring for wounds after operations etc.)
  • If one is released prematurely from a state hospital after an operation due to lack of beds , and his/her well-being is poor we provide recovery and control

For children three and older, services are provided in the clinic.

In case of unexpected turn to worse in one’s medical condition, we are equipped with an ambulance and prepared to transport patients to regional hospital.

When a very specific condition or diagnosis is revealed during one’s visit to our urgent care unit, patient will be referred to a corresponding medical specialist or doctor .

Our urgent care unit does not prescribe any strong sedatives, tranquillisers or narcotic medications. There are no exceptions.

We do not service intoxicated patients.

Ph: 604 9009

Urgent care unit opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 08:00-18:00

Pärnu mnt 67A, B-block, 3rd floor, Tallinn

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Fitness athlete and coach Egle Eller-Nabi is dedicated to her family and competing, but not only. It takes only one look at her activities to see how limitless her love of sport is, as well as her wish to inspire everyone around her. Starting in the autumn, Egle will make a noteworthy leap in her career and as a training consultant, she will start sharing her experiences on how you can improve your body shape and create a healthy relationship with your body.

‘My journey towards sensible nutrition and training is still continuing today’

An active lifestyle and exercises have been part of my life since I was young. When I was at school, I really liked dancing and athletics, but at one point in my life, I started getting a positive charge from group workouts and became a group training instructor. SoonI got interested in fitness and wanted to start dealing with sport more rationally. Actually, my journey to more sensible nutrition and training did not start until the birth of my first child, about 7 years ago. And this journey is still underway and undergoing continual progress. I previously considered myself very healthy because I was active and sporty, but during the last few years, I have started to understand the direct connection between nutrition, emotions and energy.

‘Today I can instruct the types of groups that have helped me in the past’

My first competition was the Fitness Model competition. Sometimes, people believe that group trainings are not for Estonians and we prefer to work out by ourselves or be in perfect shape before joining a group training session.

Based on my experience, I can say that quite the opposite is true, and a sense of freedom can accompany group participation. When I was preparing for my first competition, I immediately ended up in a fitness project. It was a group that included wonderful and motivated women, all of whom were focused on achieving beautiful bodies. Training together created a feeling that we are all on the same path. We even shared the problems and questions that we didn’t want to discuss with our coach, with each other. Today I am sincerely happy that I can instruct the same kinds of groups myself that once helped me and provided a basis for my sensible lifestyle. My aim is not training people to be fitness competitors, but rather help them to create a healthy relationship with their bodies. I am really looking forward to the autumn, when I can get started on a new stage of work and fitness. For the first time, for example, I will be working with a 3-month weight reduction group at the Centre for Individualised Medicine at Christinas Clinic, where everyone is welcome regardless of age, gender or past lifestyle. I’m very excited about that!

‘A group movement can initiate great life changes’

Through the years, I have often been asked which of the changes that I’ve seen have been the greatest and most inspiring. There are lots of examples and I’m not speaking only about weight. Thanks to sensible nutrition and training we can achieve control over our health and body and this can result in even greater positive changes than we initially believe. A group movement can initiate great life changes. One of the most colourful examples is a woman whose weight, before she joined the group, was quickly going up to a three-digit number, and after the completion of the project, I couldn’t even recognise her from behind. When speaking to her, it turned out that in the course of the program, she had also become motivated to improve the rest of her way of life. She changed jobs and was much happier at that moment. She understood that if she can take charge of an area of her life, she can also do it with others.

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