Personalised health assessment

The Individualised Medicine Centre uses very thorough tests developed especially for measuring the factors influencing the patient’s health. It is important to obtain an overview of the person’s health, taking into consideration all relevant aspects without restrictions, concerning the health defect. The test results are used for performing diagnostics and analysis which are coupled with the patient’s genetic profile and medical history. All of the given information creates the basis for individualised medicine.

A clear understanding of the aspects influencing the patient’s health allows the patient to influence one’s own health presently and in the future. The centre also offers long-term post-analysis which assists in evaluating change and the result of activities.

Individualised health analysis gives the knowledge to improve one’s:

  • General well-being
  • Psychological behaviour
  • Health behaviour
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep / energy

Please fill in the adjacent contact form before coming for your appointment so that we can send you by e-mail the appropriate tests intended for pre-filling and the invoice for the initial analysis. You are welcome to come for an appointment once you have submitted payment and returned the filled in tests.

The service is suited for children as well as adults.

Based on test results, the cost of additional analysis will be added to the initial analysis cost.

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