Psychological counseling

The Christinas Clinic Individualised Medicine Centre has a psychologist-counsellor with close to 20 years of experience offering consultations to psychological problems.

Psychological counselling is an active process between the counsellor and the client where a person is supported and encouraged to freely express oneself in an environment of trust and freedom of opinion. By talking to the counsellor, the person sees one’s problems from new aspects and reaches the root cause of the problems.

The psychologist-counsellor listens to the person’s thoughts and reflects them back to the client in a reworded fashion so that the client has an opportunity to correct the inefficient beliefs and find new ways for action plans.

No evaluations are given during counselling! Psychological counselling is needed by people who seek opportunities to deal with their spiritual problems and coping with difficulties as well as patients who have had aesthetical or general surgical operations and need support in creating and confirming their new self-image.

How and why is past experience important for counselling?

„My opinion is not intended as an absolute truth. However, I believe that psychology requires openness, comprehending a person well as well as knowledge and skills to deal with different people and situations.

Such skills are not taught in school but come with time through self-analysis and a synthesis of knowledge and experiences, including life experiences,“ says Karmen Palts.